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Dharambir Food Processing Pvt Ltd

Dharambir Food processing provides a compact and portable food processing machine, which can process fruits, herbs, medicinal plants, and seeds. Founder, Dharambir, a farmer and an ex-rickshaw puller has designed and manufactured the machine.

No. of Machines deployed
No of direct jobs created
100-150 %
Average increase in income

Product Information


Multi-purpose Food Processor

A compact and portable single-phase food processing machine, which can peel, cut, juice, heat, and extract essence. With a crushing capacity of 200 kg per hour, all operations except heating can be undertaken using solar power in the absence of reliable electricity supply.

  • Electricity consumption : 1.5 units/ hour
  • Weight of machine: 125 kg
  • Motor speed: 1440 rpm
  • Rotor/Centrifuge speed: 360 rpm
  • Juice extraction capacity: 50-150 Kg /hour
  • Working as a farm labourer used to be very tiring with lower income. Processing food using this machine is less labour intensive and allows me to work for more hours. It also fetches higher income, which allows me to send my children to school.
    -Rambha, Haryana
  • Processing my farm produce through this machine has not only improved my income but has also given me an opportunity to provide regular employment opportunities to 10 women. This machine is a blessing for individuals who cannot engage in labour intensive work.
    -Manoj Dahiya, Entrepreneur


  • Significant increase in farmers income due to value addition to farm produce.
  • New livelihood opportunity to the unemployed.