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FAQ | Powering Livelihoods


The FAQs answer all that you need to know about Powering Livelihoods to apply smoothly. If you still have unanswered questions, please write to us on



Ans: If there is no component of your work happening in India, then you are not eligible to apply

Ans: Yes, you can apply, but please note that preference will be given to entities owned and registered in India

Ans: Yes, but please note that the programme can only work with private limited companies. Your application will be considered only if you have plans of converting to a Pvt Ltd structure, and (at the time of diligence) give an undertaking to complete the process in a specified time frame.

Ans: Yes, but at the appropriate stage, you will have to justify why a well-established organisation needs to be part of this programme

Ans: If your work does not have any component of decentralised renewable energy or energy efficiency, then you are not eligible to apply

Ans: If your work does not have a link to either of the above sectors, then you are not eligible to apply

Ans: No. The programme is meant for enterprises that have frozen their products/services and want to scale up

Ans: Yes, but preference will be for enterprises with stable products and pilot sales completed

Ans: Yes. However, the terms of incubation with the other organisation will be evaluated at a later stage for potential conflicts, if any.

Application process

Ans: We look for the following information in your deck:

1. High Level Summary of your business

2. Problem statement

3. Your solution (highlight the energy and efficiency components)

4. Your business model

5. Your technology and any differentiator or IP

6. Your customers and how you reach them

7. Your competitors

8. Your team

9. Your business metrics and projections

10. Your impact (highlight income generation or productivity for end-user)

11. Your approach towards inclusivity which may include a focus on gender, marginalised communities, or other deprived sections of the society.

Ans: An enterprise will be evaluated on the following:

1. Stage-fit: The company’s product/service is field-tested and is at early commercialisation or commercialisation to scale stage

2. The problem that you are trying to address

3. Your innovation and how it solves the problem you identified

4. The market demand for your solution

5. Your target customers

6. How your solution would be better than the competitors

7. Your team and legal structure

8. The opportunity to scale your model

9. The value the programme can add to your enterprise

10. The inclusivity of your organisation


Program benefits

Ans: The capital support will be provided in tranches with conditions to fulfil prior to the release of each tranche. Initial tranches will be in the form of grants, but subsequent tranches could take the form of other instruments such as equity, debt or first-loss guarantee based on the funds raised by the programme and the company’s circumstances.