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Based out of Delhi, Resham Sutra leverages solar-powered machinery for the rural textile production value chain extending from the farm to the fabric. Reshamsutra has primarily commercialised user-friendly machines for silk yarn production and weaving. The organisation facilitates setting up of integrated silk yarn and fabric production centres in rural areas. 

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Rural experience centre launched in Bastar
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Product Information


Silk reeling and Spinning:

  • Unnati: Used for reeling, spinning and twisting of silk yarn. It is used to produce Tassar, Muga and Mulberry varieties of silk.
  • Buniyaad: Used for processes of reeling, spinning, and twisting silk yarn. It is used for Tassar, Muga and Mulberry silks.
  • Sonalika: Designed for special effects in reeling Muga silk weft. Sonalika reeled Muga yarn is in great demand for festive sarees.
  • Silky Spin: Can operate with Solar, electric or pedal power. With many user-friendly features, it’s an easy-to-run machine.

Weaving and Reeling:

  • SunKargha: A solar assisted loom which increases productivity by three-fold over traditional handloom. It works with a wide variety of yarns including silk, cotton, wool, and manmade fibers. It can be operated with solar, manual and pedal power.
  • Handy Reel (MRTM): It is a proven workhorse for reeling and twisting silk yarn. This sturdy, low maintenance machine is used by rural entrepreneurs to produce twisted muga and tassar silk for the warp. It has options for solar, electric and pedal operations.
  • Dyna Charkha: A fast processing machine for rural entrepreneurs, it is available in different options for silk reeling or to wind yarn from bobbins and smaller reels to standard-sized hanks.
  • We, women, feel very happy to be able to earn while working from home. With this association we are able to contribute to the family financially as well. We will use this additional income to provide quality education to our children.
    -Rumana Parveen, Jharkhand
  • We are able to get a 10% higher yield of Muga silk per cocoon with Reshamsutra's reeling machines. Also, the quality of the machine is very good, the machine is soundless!
    -Madan Kalita, Entrepreneur


  • Individual reelers and weavers groups are the primary beneficiaries.
  • Significant increase in income and productivity
  • Reduction in human drudgery
  • New livelihood opportunities