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Entrepreneur Vasanth Kamath founded Hydrogreens with the objective of addressing a 40 per cent shortage of green fodder that affects 70 million small and medium-scale dairy farmers in India. Based in Bengaluru, Karnataka, the enterprise develops technologies that are affordable and accessible to small and marginal dairy farmers. Hydrogreens grows fodder in a low-cost micro climate-controlled grow house that can operate even in 40 to 50 degrees Celsius with just half a bucket of water.

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$4 billion +

market for green fodder in India


No. of Machines deployed


fodder station launched in Chitradurga

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Product Information

Kambala – Fodder Growing System

A low-cost, micro climate-controlled grow house installed in a 12 sq ft area uses Fogponics technology, which uses water in a vapour form to minimise the water requirement, to produce green fodder.

  • Temperature and humidity are regulated through smart pump timer combinations
  • Smart pump provides 180 degree angle and water particle size less than 100 microns that lead to faster growth of the seeds
  • Spray angle and water particle size lead to faster growth of the seeds
  • Yield: 25 to 30 kg/day of high protein fodder
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Devidayal refrigerator (DDSF-100) was a finalist in the 2019 Global LEAP Awards for Outstanding Off-Grid Refrigerators and won the Consumer Affordability Prize. CLASP conducted independent testing and evaluation on the performance and quality of Devidayal Pedestal Fan (SR-DC-BL01) in 2019 and found that it was approximately 50% more efficient than the market average. As global average temperatures continue to rise, we know that affordable and efficient cooling solutions like Devidayal fans and refrigerators will play a critical part in delivering modern energy services to off-grid and weak-grid communities.

Elisa Lai

Devidayal Solar Solutions Pvt Ltd, is one of the most promising startups in the clean energy and the off‐grid space in India. They have always been driven by the policy of “quality first” and the proof of the efforts came when the Devidayal solar refrigerator got approved for meeting quality benchmark by CLASP and being a finalist for Global LEAP. The organisation is on a path to greater successes through continuous innovations on product and business strategy, and will, sure enough, make a mark in the sector.

Praviin Kumaar

Installation of solar refrigerators on trucks has helped us to maintain the freshness of fruits like litchis, mushroom, apple, peach, plum, cherry, and oranges while transportation. This empowers us to negotiate better prices.

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  • Availability of green fodder round the year, despite droughts
  • Improved income for dairy farmers
  • Quantum leap in water savings
  • Improve the lifespan of the livestock, despite dry climate.
  • Better quality of milk (higher immuno profile), improves public health