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Enterprise Support

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The Powering Livelihoods jury has selected cleantech enterprises for the initiative on the basis of parameters such as innovation, business model feasibility, scalability, social impact, human resources, and product development stage. Powering Livelihoods aims to meet the unique needs of selected enterprises through dedicated financial, technical, and sectoral growth support.

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Capital Support

Support of up to USD 250,000 to bridge the gaps faced by the enterprise at commercialisation stage. It is not intended to cover regular business expenses, but is aimed at driving commercial deployments at scale.

  • Product enhancements for commercial pilot and women-friendliness
  • Gender-inclusive pilot design costs
  • Manufacturing subsidy (bridging the gap to volume pricing)
  • Service network one-time set up costs
  • Marketing and outreach costs
  • Training costs (both personnel and customers)
  • Specific incentives to enhance women’s participation in the value chain (recruitment and training)
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Capacity Building Support

Up to USD 100,000 worth of technical assistance to bridge enterprise-specific need gaps, and delivered through strategic partnerships.

  • Gender-inclusive business model development/fine-tuning (including unit economics)
  • Financial modelling
  • HR: Gender-inclusive talent search and development
  • Leadership development
  • Legal and compliance
  • Gender sensitisation training for senior management
  • Enabling end-user financing
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Sectoral Growth Support

Up to USD 150,000 worth of sectoral growth support to generate knowledge and evidence to unlock support at the sectoral level. Showcasing and leveraging enterprise success to drive sectoral growth.

  • Market assessment for the appliance category linked to the cohort enterprises
  • Gender disaggregated evidence generation from commercial pilots
  • Best practices to effectively integrate gender-inclusion among energy-livelihood businesses
  • Building momentum towards gender-inclusive investment in the sector
  • Policy assessment for the appliance category linked to the cohort enterprises
  • Evidence-based sectoral engagements
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Enterprise Journey

(all numbers are indicative)

Capital Support

Conditions precedent



Onboarded enterprise

Deployments: 50 – 100 per quarter

Annual revenue: USD 30k – 60k

Operating in one geographic region


Entry with field-tested technology


Due diligence completed. All requested documents submitted



Streamlined business-model


Detailed 3-year business plan and financial model. 10% deployment completed. Component manufacturer on-boarded. Go-To-Market/market linkage established. One key hire done

6 months


Commercial traction


40% deployment completed. Cumulative revenue USD 75k. Metrics collection mechanism set up and operationalised. All hiring completed

12 months


Deployment at scale


100% deployment completed. At least USD 150k revenue realised. First set of project & impact metrics submitted. Strong interest from at least one each of equity and debt funder

18 months


Investible and rapidly growing business


At least 400+ leveraged sales per quarter as part of commercial deployment, with a revenues of USD 250k. One equity funder signed up. All project & impact metrics submitted

24 months


Graduated enterprise

Deployments: 300 – 350 per quarter

Annual revenue: USD 200k – 300k

Operating in at least two geographies